Nowadays the Boliden Kevitsa mine plant performance is being established using mass balance calculations of the process plant for the conditions defined during the on-site survey.

The first site visit was conducted at the beginning of December 2017 by members of the BRGM, Caspeo and Aalto teams visited the mine to identify the sampling points and discuss the details of the winter sampling survey.

Sampling tasks were finally conducted in Boliden Kevitsa mine at the beginning of February 2018. The ITERAMS consortium was represented by 4 persons from BRGM, 2 from Outotec, 3 from Aalto University, 1 from VTT, 2 from Caspeo and the Kevitsa personnel. Water and solid samples from 25 sampling points inside the plant, and the tailing and water storage facilities were collected. The samples were subjected to chemical analysis. Microbiological samples were also taken for microbiological analysis to evaluate the number and composition of microorganisms present in the mine site.

The collected and identified microorganisms will be maintained and utilized for further tests related to microbial management in water circulation. First results will be discussed during the internal meeting that will be held in May 2018 in Portugal.

Field sampling team

Views on the mine in winter

2nd Iterams Project meeting

ITERAMS held the second Project meeting in Barcelona from 28th of November to 1st of December. It was a very successful meeting where most relevant results were presented and next steps and activities were discussed. The project is at its 6 months and now it is the moment to define and agree the collaboration works and interactions between partners that are working in the same research area.

Plenary session in Barcelona ITERAMS meeting

Work package meeting

ITERAMS consortium

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